October 01 - Official Bootlegs

Two new volumes in the Label One Bootleg Series were announced; "50's Sensation" containing studio masters and out-takes and "Top Notch Nashville - Elvis At RCA's Studio B - Part 4".

Details: 50's Sensation - Studio Masters & Outtakes

50's masters including original studio banter + outtakes in great soundquality! The album/single/ep masters from "Wear My Ring Around Your Neck", "Doncha' Thinks It's Time" and "Lover Doll" Great movie versions from the movies "Jailhouse Rock" and "King Creole". Radio spot from Pine Bluff, 02-23-55 and much more! 

Some tracks previously unreleased by Elvis' record company, released by mistake or hard to find! Now for the first time collected on one great 50's cd release! A special edition from The Bootleg Series!  And also a 12 pages booklet with photos and recording information. 

1. Shake, Rattle And Roll (master with count-in) 2:34 2. Lawdy Miss Clawdy (master with count-in) 2:27 3. One-Sided Love Affair (master with count-in) 2:25 4. Hound Dog (from the original master tape) 2:16 5. Love Me Tender (master with count-in) 2:52 6. Poor Boy (remake take 1) 0:58 7. Let Me (vocal overdub take 3) 2:28 8. Old Shep (take 5) 4:01 9. Rip It Up (take 17) 2:06 10. Rip It Up (take 18) 1:37 11. Rip It Up (master with count-in) 2:16 12. All Shook Up (master with count-in) 2:03 13. Peace In The Valley (Pearl Harbor memorial version) 3:54 14. Jailhouse Rock (movie production version) 2:58 15. Young And Beautiful (solo version) 1:05 16. Don’t Leave Me Now (Vince Everett demo #1 - Take 1) 1:02 17. Don’t Leave Me Now (Vince Everett demo #2 - Take 1) 1:26 18. I Wanne Be Free (movie live version) 1:15 19. Treat Me Nice (Laurel 101 - Take 1) 2:38 20. Young And Beautiful (movie end version) 2:20 21. One More Day (sung by Mickey Shaughnessy) 1:18 22. White Christmas (master with count-in) 2:44 23. Don’t (master with count-in) 2:56 24. King Creole (master with count-in) 2:16 25. Turtles, Berries And Gumbo / Crawfish (unedited movie opening medley) 4:10 26. Lover Doll (ep master) 2:15 27. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (album master) 2:14 28. Doncha’ Think It’s Time (single master) 1:59 29. A Big Hunk O’ Love (album master) 2:15 30. Lover Doll (album master) 2:12 31. Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (single master) 2:16 32. Doncha’ Think It’s Time (album master) 1:59 33. Radio spot for the Million Dollar Quartet album 3:26 34. Radio spot Elvis In Person, Pine Bluff, 02-23-55 1:12 

Details Top Notch Nashville - Elvis At RCA's Studio B - Part 4 

24 Tracks - Including 8 outtakes/false starts previously unreleased by Elvis' record company - "I'm Yours" (Stereo album+single master and Mono album master) - Most masters newly remastered and with original studio banter. Great sound quality! 12 pages booklet with photos and recording information.

01. Surrender (master) 2:00 02. I’m Yours (Stereo single master) 2:26 03. Little Sister (take 11) 1:06 04. What A Wonderful Life (re-created Stereo) 2:31 05. That’s Someone You Never Forget (master) 2:48 06. For The Millionth And The Last Time (take 5) 2:23 07. Love Me Tonight (take 7) 0:28 08. Kiss Me Quick (master) 2:49 09. The Girl Of My Best Friend (master) 2:26 10. I’m Yours (Stereo album master) 2:25 11. Little Sister (master) 2:35 12. Swing Down, Sweet Chariot (master) 2:45 13. He Knows Just What I Need (take 9) 2:26 14. He Knows Just What I Need (master) 2:20 15. Milky White Way (master, including false start) 2:56 16. I Believe In The Man In The Sky (master) 2:18 17. In My Father’s House (master, including workpart take 1) 2:39 18. Mansion Over The Hiltop (master, including false start) 3:20 19. Working On The Building (master) 2:09 20. If We Never Meet Again (master) 2:09 21. Joshua Fit The Battle (master) 2:55 22. I’m Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (master) 2:05 23. Known Only To Him (master, including false start) 2:52 24. I’m Yours (Mono album master) 2:21

Collecting Elvis

Volume 72 in the German Elvis Sammlung by De' Agostini was released. This volume conns the usual magazine, memorabilia reproductions and a mini-Poster of the "Blue Hawaii" soundtrack.

(Source: FECC / Elvis Sammlung)

September 30 - US Singles Collection

Due for release from the Real Gone Music budget-label on November 14, 2014 is the 4 CD-set "The US Singles Collection". 

When The Beatles met Elvis Presley

A new documentary reveals what really happened "When The Beatles met Elvis Presley".

From the website:
The Beatles and Elvis Presley, arguably the most documented musical acts in history, had a rare undocumented night when they met each other face to face for the one and only time. Since no one thought to take pictures or video of the infamous meeting, eyewitness accounts from the people who were there at Presley's house in Los Angeles on August 27, 1965 all seem to differ. Even The Beatles, when interviewed for The Beatles Anthology documentary, couldn't agree on what happened.

But now, one of Elvis' right-hand men and best man at his wedding, Joe Esposito, wants to set the record straight in the new documentary "One Day Two Legends" which attempts to put a cohesive story together about what actually happened the one and only night when The King of Rock and Roll met The Fab Four.

The Elvis Presley Examiner was recently granted an interview with the producer of the film, Tom Jikomes. Jikomes, a lifelong Elvis fan who happened to be born on the exact day the legendary meeting took place, came up with the idea. "Although there is a lot written about that day, there has never been an in-depth formal interview about it and that's what we are doing," Jikomes explained in an e-mail.

Jikomes approached Joe Esposito with the concept, and together with his filming partner, Stephanie Rabiola, they have interviewed Esposito in-depth about what exactly happened that night.

"Joe was not only there, but he picked The Beatles up and drove them to Elvis' home in Bel Air and was in the room the whole time," Jikomes continued. "Joe never elaborated on that night as deeply as he does with our film...we have dug deep into Joe's memory to re-create the day as best as possible."

"One Day Two Legends" also features famous musicians and friends who express how they looked up to Elvis, just like The Beatles did, including Steven Tyler and Joe Perry of Aerosmith, Barry Gibb of The Bee Gees, Louise Harrison (George's sister) and some of the best Elvis Tribute Artists in the world.

The movie's website also announced the DVD "Through Joe's Eyes"; a limited edition release containing exclusive interviews with "Diamond Joe" Esposito. 

(Source: Amazon / FECC / The Examiner / One Day Two Legends)

September 29 - Such A Release

Due from Vee-Tone Records December 2014 is the 10 inch vinyl release "Such A Night". It features 12 rockin’ floor-fillers recorded and released by Elvis Presley between 1960 and 1962 and is limited to only 1000 copies. 

Side A: 1.  Make Me Know It / 2.  I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell / 3. Shoppin' Around / 4. Such A Night / 5.  Slicin' Sand / 6. Follow That Dream
Side B: 1. Little Sister / 2. Put The Blame On Me / 3. Steppin' Out Of Line / 4.  I Want You With Me / 5. What A Wonderful Life / 6. Gonna Get Back Home Somehow.

(Source: Elvis Telegraph)

September 26 - 2nd Time On Vinyl

The hit-compilation "Elvis – 2nd To None" was released on vinyl by the Dutch Music On Vinyl label. 

(Source: Elvis The King)

September 25 - Charts

The "Heart And Soul" compilation drops from #114 to #121 on the Billboard Top 200 Album Chart for the week ending October, 4, 2014 and from #16 to #17 on the Catalog Album Chart.

Barbra Streisand's "Partners" duet album debuted at #1 on the Billboard Album Top 200. The album contains an artificial duet of "Love Me Tender"  with Elvis Presley. However this also puts Barbra into a tie with Elvis with the Fourth most number one albums on the billboard 200 with 10.

The "Young Man With The Big Beat" budget box dropped off the Dutch Album charts from last weeks new entry at #87. 

The budget compilation "The Real ... Elvis" climbed from #94 to #85 this week.

On the Belgian Ultrapop Album Top 200 (Wallonian part of the country) “That’s The Way It Is” dropped from #142 to #148 this week. In the Flanders part the album is a re-entry at #187 this week.

(Source: Brian Quinn / FECC / UltraPop / DutchCharts)